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Body Talk Evaluation

Are you experiencing areas in your life you want to improve?
Could your current ways of thinking be holding you back from achieving the results you want?
Would you like to know how to get rid of the habits that block your success?

BTE is coaching with a difference - drawing on Diana's skills as a Trainer of NLP, and Teacher of The Alexander Technique to work with the mind and body.

The emphasis in your session is to help you notice how your posture reflects your negative attitudes and how to make positive changes.

How can Body Talk Evaluation help me?

The Alexander Technique

Are you experiencing stress or discomfort?
Do you have pain or backache?
Would you like an aligned and confident posture?

The Alexander Technique is a world famous and intelligent way to learn to rebalance the mind and body.

Diana has over twenty years experience teaching.� She enables you to release unnecessary tension and bring you back to a state of balance.

How can The Alexander Technique help me?

Presentation Skills

Important interview looming?
Fear of Pubic speaking?
Want to give a polished presentation?

Diana works with you to give you the best attitude and physiology for presenting. More than half your presentation's impact will be based on the non verbal communication - Diana's expertise will ensure that you create a great first and long lasting impression.

How can Presentation Skills help me?

Diana Mac Lellan