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Invest in Yourself with The Alexander Technique

Diana brings over twenty years experience to her teaching - she is fortunate to have worked with Dr Wilfred Barlow, the leading medical exponent of the technique and his wife Marjory (the niece of FM Alexander at The Alexander Institute). She became a teacher having been inspired by the amazing benefits she experienced from the Technique for herself.

What is the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique does not ask the question "what should you do?" but rather "what are you doing that is interfering with your natural functioning? What unnecessary tension are you adding to your everyday tasks that if you were to stop would enable you to lighten up and ease your movements?" It is a method of mental and physical re-education.

The Technique helps you to identify and prevent any harmful postural habits that cause stress and pain. Your body is your instrument and when it is out of tune it affects all areas of your life. The Alexander Technique first teaches you to become aware of the habits you have that no longer serve you and next what it feels like to experience your body free of tension, and working at its maximum potential.

You will begin to re-discover how to use your intelligent mind to redirect yourself in a way that releases undue tension: this leads to a feeling of lightness and wellbeing. The Alexander Technique is a powerful tool for personal development, self-awareness and learning new skills.

Why learn the Alexander Technique

  • To improve poor posture
  • Release anxiety and stress-related conditions
  • Enhance business and presentation skills
  • Overcome breathing and vocal problems
  • Let go of muscle tension and stiffness
  • Ease back, neck and joint pain
  • Move more gracefully
  • Be calm and confident

How do the sessions work?

Sessions involve hands on body-work and verbal explanations. Once you have learnt the principles of the Technique, you will be able to apply them to all areas of your life. The amount of sessions will depend on your particular needs and goals.

The Benefits of the Alexander Technique

Everyone can benefit from the Technique. Through unconsciously acquired habits, most of us become accustomed to unnecessary tension whilst carrying out the activities of daily life. The Technique helps eliminate harmful habits and encourage a more balanced state.

In world where more and more people are suffering from stress, the Alexander Technique is an invaluable tool. It helps you to release stress and to manage stressful situations in a more constructive way. The Technique is a wonderful process to help you deal with the increasingly fast moving world. It can be of benefit to anyone and all ages from childhood to old age.

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