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10 Steps to making a great first impression
"walk the walk so you can talk the talk"

  1. Notice how your thinking affects your posture. Anxious, negative thoughts will be reflected in your posture and interfere with a positive first impression.
  2. Practise drawing on experiences that make you feel confident and self assured "act as if".
  3. To look confident you need to be centred and aligned. To achieve this make sure that your weight is evenly distributed over both feet - imagine a balloon lifting your head of your spine.
  4. Keep your arms by your side - avoid any temptation to cross them - this will create a more open impression.
  5. Spend a few minutes before you go out to focus your breathing. Sit with both feet on the ground and bring your attention to your breath - let the out breath be longer than the in breath. A few minutes of doing this will raise your energy and make you feel calm.
  6. Remember a happy occasion to bring a genuine smile to light up your face.
  7. While keeping an eye throughout the event on your own posture - make sure that you observe the responses you are getting from other people e.g. crossed arms and legs maybe a sign of boredom or disagreement.
  8. Being relaxed will show in your voice, if you notice that you are talking too quickly or that your voice is slightly raised - attend to your breathing and re-centre yourself.
  9. Plan to enjoy the event - you are much more enjoyable to be with when you are enjoying yourself - and this will come across in your posture.
  10. Wear clothes that do not restrict your breathing and allow you to move elegantly and comfortably.