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Past Workshops

Diana gives her own tailor-made workshops and is also invited to work on other people's training to teach the applied art and science of body language and presentation skills.

Here are some examples of workshops that she gives:-

Leadership Presence, The George Washington University USA November 2015

Diana was invited to give a series of workshops at The Center for Excellence in Public Leadership, at The George Washington University USA.

Keep your length dear, Positive tips for Positive Ageing at the Anti Ageing Conference London 2016

Diana gave an interactive presentation at the conference.

Do You Want To Make Yourself Heard 2011

This workshop was designed to help participants overcome their fear of public speaking and any situations where the fear of speaking would hold them back.

Presentations that Work - St Williams College, York

Do you want to present yourself and your subject with poise? Do you want people to listen to you and to take you seriously? If the answer is yes then this one- day workshop will provide you with the necessary skills and techniques to improve and develop your presentation and training sessions.

Beauty and Well Being From Within - Portland, Oregon, USA

"what we are is to a large extent what we make of ourselves. Having made ourselves one pattern of use, we can unmake it, or make another. It's a question of choice and of knowing how to go about it"

Using methods based on the Alexander Technique and NLP, you will focus on the mind-body connection and on how your physical use affects how you look and feel, and sound. You will learn how to transform negative ways of thinking and feeling about yourself and reconnect with your inner beauty, which is then reflected outward. You will leave the workshop with an increased awareness and pleasure in yourself, and with useful tool for observing and confirming your process of transformation.

Say It Without Words - London

Are you saying what you mean? How often are you saying one thing and conveying a totally different meaning with your body? Since 55% of your communication is non- verbal, 7% verbal and 38% tonality (tonality is directly affected by posture), the real truth of your communication is expressed through the body. In this workshop, come and explore the importance of congruent communication and gain a clear understanding of how your true feelings are being portrayed in your body language.
(This workshop was based on research Diana did with two mime artists).

The Impact of Language on Your Pupils - given at the 7th International Congress of the F M Alexander Technique - Oxford

This workshop was designed specifically for teachers and focused primarily on developing your use of language to appeal to all different learning styles.

Have you ever thought you could improve the way you talk to your pupils to achieve deeper levels of learning? How you express yourself is as important as how you listen. There are specific principles for using language with elegance and purpose that will greatly improve your communication.

Like a bridge that allows you to cross from one shore to another, language used well can lead to new enriched ways of describing and experiencing the world. You can learn how to notice patterns of speech that interfere with the flow of your student's learning. You can learn to use language in a way that creates a sense of space, and to identify pupils different learning styles. It is amazing how the power of well-chosen words can take your teaching fro helpful and supportive, to inspiring and brilliant!

Consciousness in Movement - L.A Hollywood, USA

Diana was invited to give this workshop with a movement therapist and yoga teacher and the workshop was designed to help you become more conscious of your movements and to be able to move with greater ease and pleasure and with improved posture.

Women Going Back To The Work Place - The University of Hull Business School

Designed for woman going back to the workplace - this workshop included presentation skills and confidence building exercises - designed to enable you to create the best impression at interviews and starting new jobs.


Presenting with Charisma - The 8th International Alexander Congress in Lugano Switzerland

This workshop was designed to help increase confidence and charisma in all situations for individuals presenting or working in front of groups. It was aimed at people who felt nervous about working with groups and for those who wereexperienced presenters.


Presentation Skills and The Alexander Technique–Asha Foundation – Gloucestershire

This workshop was designed as part of a Leadership Development Training Programme for a group of young Indian girls training to be Peace Ambassadors and Future Leaders.


An Introduction To The Alexander Technique – The University of Florence Dental Department

Diana was invited to give a series of introductory workshops to demonstrate how the Alexander technique could practically support the work of practising dentists in Italy.


An Introduction to The Alexander Technique – Verona

An introductory workshop for complementary therapists and doctors in Italy demonstrating applications of The Technique.


September 2009 Anti Aging Conference: Alexander and Anti-ageing