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Please read testimonials given by clients Diana has worked with on The Alexander Technique, Body Talk Evaluation, Presentation Skills and Training.

The Alexander Technique

I was highly recommended to see Diana by one of my patients. I have always been aware of The Alexander Technique but never tried it.

Diana has a very calm and friendly manner. She is very instinctive in her handling skills to ease in reducing tension in the body and freeing up movement. Her extensive experience and knowledge is demonstrated by her ability to know what and how to adjust abnormal movement patterns and undo habitual habits that interfere with natural functioning. She is able to assist and focus changing the emotional element of muscle function which in turn allows the body to lengthen, improving posture and alignment.

Allison Swan, Physio Msc MCSP HPC AACP Specialist spinal and sports Physiotherapist

I found my sessions both restful and calming.

On leaving I instinctively walked more freely, felt taller, more grounded and connected to both myself and my surroundings. I took away several useful thoughts about the way we hold ourselves and deal with life in general.

Caroline Robinson

When I decided to start the Alexander Technique, I expected it to help with my physical problems (sciatica, bad posture, achy shoulders). I never thought that I would get such a fantastic teacher and guru in with the bargain.  Every lesson with Diana has been a total delight. Some have challenged me and others have soothed me but I always come away feeling lighter, taller, happier and far, far better equipped to handle life and all it brings.
Diana seen me through some big, scary changes in my life and could not be more grateful. She is a truly exceptional teacher and uses her wonderful humour and kindness to bring about improvements in the mind, body and the spirit. I could not recommend her more highly.

So, if you are contemplating coming to see Diana and have got so far as to be reading her testimonials page… Do yourself a huge favour and pick up the phone and book yourself a lesson. You will NOT regret it!

Clemmie Jackson Stops

In Diana, I found not only a teacher who spoke in a language I understood (third time lucky) but also someone in whom I learned to have incredible trust. Diana is exceptional at what she does and I never left a session without feeling that I had a renewed spring in my step.
Gail Orton, Public Policy Advisor, Paris

I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me. It is amazing that in such a short time you taught me how to actively change in order to treat my body how it should have been treated for so many years.
In one session you took me from not being able to move and from my back being in agony and complete muscle spasm to walking out feeling a new person.
Victoria Sheldon

Diana has effectively corrected my sitting, walking and working posture. My neck pain and lower back pain issue has improved a lot after the first consultation with her. She can clearly demonstrate and explain how to achieve and maintain a proper posture on my own body. For those who suffer chronic neck and back pain The Alexander Technique really helps.
Raymond Chung, Nutritionist Hong Kong

I attended Diana for sessions after a traumatic mugging incident. I was in pain and emotionally fragile.� Life was becoming difficult and I was retreating into myself.
After several visits over a period of time, I have become calmer and grounded and much freer from outside pressures.� The whole experience was very transformative and long lasting.� I have become balanced and much more able to cope in all social situations.� My day-to-day life had been transformed.� I owe Diana a huge debt of thanks and I could not recommend her more highly.
Rosalind Alan, Chelsea

I am a Consultant Psychiatrist, an Academic and my work involves public speaking and lectures.
Diana has helped me enormously both with my postural difficulties and also in applying The Alexander Technique to public speaking.� I find she has a combination of acute observational and diagnostic skills combined with a flexible application of the Technique to each individual case.� I highly recommend both her diagnostic and treatment skills.
Dr John Meehan
Consultant Psychiatrist
Senior Lecturer, Imperial College London

In 1984, when I was on location for one of the Miss Marple series, I overheard two actors talking about The Alexander Technique and the way it got rid of tensions.� I was beginning to get stiff, and walking was getting difficult, so I thought I'd try it.� I went to see Dr Wilfred Barlow, who put me on to Diana MacLellan.� I've been seeing her regularly ever since - and I'm not stiff - nothing hurts - and it's lovely!
John Arnatt

"Diana is a Master at creating change through the body."
Carolyn Boyes
Author: Need to Know?� Body Language

I have been regularly attending Diana's Alexander Technique and Body Language lessons for the last two years. In my vast experience, I truly consider her as the top end of excellence in combining physical and linguistic techniques. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to experience class, eminence and grace in personal development.
Prof. Giovanni Dicran Megighian
Associate Professor in Restorative Dentistry, University of Florence
London Practice -20 Wimpole Street, WIG 8GF

The wisdom, clarity and sheer breadth of knowledge with which Diana works has helped me to see my life, my body, and my choices in a different way. Her presence causes new options to open up and invites one to redefine oneself to a higher octave. Her sense humour and acerbic wit, coupled with her insight and laser-like clarity make the whole transformation experience a joyful one.� Diana brings laughter, wisdom and sanity to the serious work of self discovery and transformation.
Katarina Thome, Yoga teacher, business-woman, philanthropist, investor

I well remember the day I walked into the room and found my husband, actor John Arnatt, flat on his back on the floor. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Nothing just relaxing" was his reply, but it was relaxation with a difference as I was to find out. Developed by an actor, the Alexander Technique is a must for any performer and I was soon hooked.� Diana MacLellan is an amazing teacher, who not only has the skill to rejuvenate all those tense muscles but makes everything so simple.� I was soon practising what she taught me and found it a tremendous help presenting concerts and on my broadcasts.
Sheila Tracy, Broadcaster/Journalist

I have known Diana MacLellan for 25 years and I can highly recommend her as an experienced and knowledgeable Alexander Teacher.� Diana has acquired excellent benefits to her teaching ability, by having had private lessons with many of our first generation and senior teachers of the Technique, this is reflected in her gentle guidance, as a skilful and subtle teacher.
Diana's lessons are always an enjoyment and an inspiration and never formulated. Each lesson is tailored to me individually, my present state of use and circumstances. These are genuine reasons why, throughout my experience as a pupil, student, teacher and a qualified teacher of 15 years, I still appreciate, when possible, to receive the enthusiasm and clarity she imparts in our lessons. She teaches with a delicious sense of humour and lessons are joyful sessions, where I find myself visibly growing upward easily, guided by release through well trained hands. One learns to expand rather than contract.
Helen Cherry M.S.T.A.T. BA.

Wonderful therapy for body, mind and spirit! Diana's practical (sometimes hilarious) wisdom and deep empathy contributed greatly to improvements in outlook and perception, therefore to reduce tension and better posture, becoming an oasis in a hectic life
D.R. Business women, Chelsea, London

Diana MacLellan is a skilled Alexander Practitioner who has treated me for a number of years; in that time contributing to the relief of arm, shoulder and hip pain as well as improving my overall posture and most importantly my golf game. I highly recommend her.
Nigel Rich, Company Chairman/Director

Diana has the talents to make even the most stooped of us walk tall.
Roy Ackerman - Restaurateur

The Alexander Technique saved me from all aches and pains during my pregnancies, and re-aligned my spine, and I can recommend, Diana's angel hands to all.
Seonaid MacKenzie

Diana teaches will real humanity. Spending very long hours at a computer, I have to say that the improvement in my posture is tremendous. I am more comfortable and more productive!
I would recommend Diana to anyone who wants to be at ease in their own body and in tune with themselves.
Alexandra Connor - Author

Diana's sessions combine her teaching skills and vast years of knowledge with her unique quality of wanting to expand the horizons of all her pupils. She has been helping me personally for many years both physically and emotionally and is a constant source of reference and encouragement. You come away from each session uplifted and motivated
S. Burns, Director

I was one of Diana's first pupils and in my first session she put me into a different posture with my scarcely feeling her touch.� For five days I was not slumping. I was sitting up straight with my head in the air in a conscious but relaxed manner.� Many people noticed and asked me what I had done. It was magical. Now, as I am travelling so much, whenever I am in London I go to see Diana for realignment. Diana is very good at healing the pains induced by travel and reminding the body that there is a better posture to adopt.� I have also benefited from her wise insights gained from her experience of a trainer of NLP.
Clair Beardson, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Hongkong�

Following serious head injuries sustained in a sailing accident. I had Alexander lessons with Diana. I found them extremely helpful, particularly in helping me to regain my stability and confidence. Diana has the wonderful ability to make learning fun.
Sir Timothy Walker

It is difficult for me to write a fitting testimonial for Diana as she has given me so much. I started Alexander lessons with her in 1989 and went on to train as an Alexander Teacher myself. I owe Diana a huge debt of gratitude - her willingness to share her experiences with others is both unusual and extraordinary generous. I would recommend her teaching to everyone.
Lady Walker

When I went to see Diana, I found it really, really, really relaxing, because it calmed me down after a long school day. I liked getting taller and eating lots of biscuits. It also helped me to cope with the stress of my homework. We did exercises with the figure of eight. It was fun!
Fergus aged 10

Diana, when I came to you I was in agony. Every step was painful and I was seriously thinking I would have to use a wheelchair very soon. While trying to avoid the stabs of pain, I was walking badly which only made things worse.� All the endless treatments recommended to me did not help. Then I came across The Alexander Technique and at last I found something that worked. The Technique helped me how to understand my body and to control stress; it also helped me to stop misusing my muscles. After many wonderful lessons the pain went. I still practice all that Diana taught me. Thank you.
Carol Black, Chelsea

I walked home from my first session with Diana and burst into tears on the way.� I don't mean to sound dramatic but I really felt a surge of relief as if a huge weight had been lifted.� Not just as Alexander teacher, Diana became my mentor, my guru, my confidante, my friend.� I can't recommend her enough.
Sim Canetty-Clarke

Diana is a rare bred of teacher and advisor. A guru who is able to translate her discipline with insightfulness and attention to her pupils’ needs. I have seen her encourage an audience of young women at the ASHA Centre to explore their own presence and personalities. She inspired them to stand tall and speak with clarity and charm. Those fortunate enough to have experienced Diana’s tuition come away with a lifelong understanding of their own strength and personality.
Zerbanoo Gifford,  International woman of the year 2006. Author and Founder of The AshaCentre

I take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent session on Presentation Skills, particularly The Alexander Technique that you taught my “Lila Fellow” who were in the UK at The Asha Centre for a three week Leadership Development Training Programme and who are now groomed as Peace Ambassadors.

The Girls gave me excellent feedback of their interaction with you. You said “We lead ourselves wherever we go”. This was an eye opener to the young ladies who found your session on “Presentation Skills”; the exercise of the 3 ways one could walk into a room, your demonstration of poise, confidence and movement, something the girls will cherish all their lives. Your emphasis on the power of one’s thoughts affecting us both physically and emotionally as well as how they are reflected in one’s body language and the beautiful story on “The Power of the Word” were very thought provoking and will certainly help these young ladies in all walks of their lives.
Lila Poonawalla - Founder of

Diana’s workshop about charisma was just what I was looking for. I was amazed what happens in a group when you are all being ‘up’.
EleneReizer, Amsterdam

I found a tool and lost my stage-fright
Beatrice Martin, Switzerland

At the eighth International Congress of the F.M. Alexander Technique in August of this year (2008) at Lugano, Switzerland I was fortunate enough to participate in the workshop Presenting with Charisma led by Diana MacLellan. The seventy-five minute session was both informative and inspiring: every participant left the group class with fresh ideas to explore, test, and evaluate with their own students, disseminating Diana’s unique approach to the rest of the Alexander world.

The workshop was well-structured and rigorous in its pace, yet Diana’s enthusiastic encouragement and bright laughter put everyone at ease and very willing to be directed by her into previously unknown territory. The main theme of the session was how the Alexander Technique and Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be mutually supportive in group classes that develop the charismatic style latent in all of us. A secondary interest for the group was to witness how Diana used a mind-map, rather than notes to guide her through the lesson. With only the map to guide her, the structure of her class was both lucid and cogent. The time went past so quickly that, while we all knew that what we had just experienced was exceptional, we could hardly believe it when the class drew to a close.  This was experiential learning at its best. It had been effortful, yet engaging and inventive.

Later Diana provided me with a personal bonus. At present I am the editor of a professional magazine, Exchange, the journal of Alexander International. Diana kindly consented to allowing me to publish her account of the workshop along with her copy of her mind-map for the class. This was no small task since the map was all she has to go on. She had to reconstruct her entire lesson from memory with the map as her only prompt. The final article was clearly expressed and absorbing, likely to promote fresh teaching approaches in many of the journal’s readers. The article appeared in January this year (Exchange, Volume 17, number 1).

Diana MacLellan has a profound understanding of her material
Eric A.G. Binnie, phD, ATI
Professor of Theatre Arts, Hendrix College, USA


Do You Want to Know How To Make Yourself Heard? July 2011

This workshop was designed to help participants overcome their fears of Public Speaking and any situation where the fear of speaking would hold them back.

I liked the size and feel of the group. The tools and practising the exercises were excellent. Your style and content are brilliant. Serious, yet fun. For a subject that can be intimidating, I felt very supported.
Ann Goodman-Smith

It was an excellent workshop, really helpful, packed with things I can take away and us to improve how I come across. I really liked the physical exercises to get me out of my mind.
Louis Coe

Thank you for reconnecting my inner wisdom and strength in thinking about what is important to be heard.
Nyasha Gwatidzo


Body Talk Evaluation

My session with Diana was part of the process of a feature I was writing for The LondonPaper, on how a Body Talk Evaluation could change a person's attitude to dating and improve their confidence. Of course I got everything I needed for the feature, but what I hadn't counted on however was how Diana's tutorial would profoundly affect me. She cut through to the core of my own personal hang-ups towards dating and the way I project myself, going through exercises that I'd draw upon in months to come. Her affirmations and being able to radiate your own confidence have come in handy on many, many occasions, especially when I'm feeling blue or just a bit slouchy. I would recommend her services a hundred times over, because even if you have one session with her, you'll learn something that you'll be able to use every day for the rest of your life.
Poorna Shetty
Commissioning Editor

My Body Talk evaluation session with Diana was the icing on the cake that helped me to secure an amazing job with a six-figure package.� As a result of the session, during the interview I realised I was thinking about my abilities and myself in a very different way.� I was confident, positive, and invulnerable. I noticed this was reflected in my confident upright posture.� The interviewers noticed and it worked.
Kevin Flanagan
Change & Communications Specialist Europe, Australia

Diana is one of my most respected specialists and website contributors. Her work with my clients has been enormously well received. Diana's Body Talk Evaluations are an integral part of our training for clients who wish to gain the best from themselves.
Lorraine Adams
Founder of and

Diana MacLellan has been coaching me for a number of months and has been extremely helpful and understanding.
She has enabled me to see things in a different perspective and to appreciate why certain events and issues affect one in a particular way.

One learns methods for dealing with problems and she is encouraging me to move forward with my life and to set goals to achieve along the way.

I would recommend Diana to anyone who needs encouragement, support and understanding and who wishes to learn how to deal with particular issues in a more clear-cut, methodical and relaxed way.
Katherine M W Entract


Workshops and Training

Leadership Presence, The George Washington University 2015

Dianas work is art. Its beautiful to experience and it stays with you in your embodied learning. Her elegance and mastery makes everything look so effortless to do and puts people at such an ease and place of wonder. Its then, when magic happens! She prepares you for that conversational place where you are comfortable and where you now are ready to access your inner wisdom, in your own voice. Diana led a few sessions at GWU CEPL with various groups in the local and federal government and her passion for what she does shows up not only in her performance, but also in her care and simplicity mirrored back by the participants. She is open to cocreate and committed to make the most for the people she is working with. Her talent brings forth a language that is sincere and memorable. Our students came back to classes, and remember to say, as we start. Keep your length, Dear, one of Dianas mantras gifted through her abundant spirit and generous heart. We want you back!

Ina Gjikondi, Director Executive Education at The George Washington University USA, Center for Excellence in Public Leadership.

Keep your length Dear, Postural Tips for Positive Ageing

I was fortunate enough to witness Dianas compelling presentation at the recent International Anti Ageing Conference held in London. Diana was the first speaker of the day and really set the standard for being an engaging and informative speaker, getting all of the audience on their feet, inspiring curiosity, anticipation and wanting more. What a refreshing and creative way of getting across content in such an engaging way.

Jane Trower, Director Neuroscience Works Ltd. MA HRM,BA Hons. Soc. Admin, Fellow, Chartered Institute Personnel & Development. ABNLP Trainer

At the 2015 Anti Ageing Conference in London, I listened to and participated in Dianas interactive presentation. It was very interesting to realise that how we hold ourselves can be so ageing, and I left with some useful tips on the way to try and keep my length and avoid getting into bad postural habits in the future.

Caroline Robinson

Only when dancing - floating across the floor freely and openly - have I felt beautiful and gracious.� Diana showed me the path to recreating that feeling in everyday life.
Nina Evans. Dance teacher USA

Diana has a way of gently pushing us to exceed our expectations of ourselves, and to lead us to personal breakthroughs. Her excellent teaching and the combination of The Alexander Technique and NLP tools make for a powerful workshop.
Mary Devlin, NLP trainer

Diana brings a lovely blend of skills and understanding to her workshop.� The students greatly appreciated finding how the messages we give ourselves about our appearance can profoundly affect the most fundamental level of human coordination: our upright bearing.� When we change our minds about what is valuable about us, we lift up, grow lighter and happier.� Every woman can benefit from Beauty and well-being from Within.
Rebecca Robbins Trainer USA

Hexagon is a training company delivering a range of programmes to FTSE 100 companies. We work with leaders and leadership teams coaching and training them for top level delivery. One of our principles of practice is that mind and body are part of the same system and it is for this that we have engaged Diana time after time in order to work with the physiology and attitude of our executives.

Both they and our trainers, find her outstandingly competent in her field. Add to this her irreverence, sense of fun and ability to make even the most seized up of suits laugh, and you have a formula for change with delight.
This is a field where people come and go. Diana has been and is here for the long haul. Bringing excellence, insight and change professionally and enjoyably in all she does.
Tina Kothari -Director Hexagon Training

Diana is one of my most valued and trusted trainers who is a constant source of inspiration. I personally had one of my most important breakthroughs because of a conversation with Diana.

Her skills enable people to move up to the next level and greatly improve their presentation skills. In fact some delegates report that they have literally grown taller before our very eyes on the Neurochoreography tm Workshop which I have personally witnessed with the use of Diana's hands using the Alexander and Body Work leading edge techniques.
Jane Trower
MD Successworks- Dubai


Presentation Skills

Thank you so for coming and leading the workshop on Presentation Skills.� The Students really enjoyed your session and many of them said that they found you inspirational and also a super role model.� They are now walking tall in their work placements.
Barbara Allan
WISE programme Leader

I visited Diana before the wedding of my first Daughter when I realised at 57 years old that I hadn't made a speech since my own wedding 34 years earlier.
Diana was fantastic she showed me how to stand, how to breathe properly and how to project my voice and most of all gave me the confidence that I was certainly lacking.
The speech was a great success and I finished up enjoying a part of the evening that I had been dreading.
Without her help I would have struggled.
Many thank to you Diana.
Adrian Alan