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Presentation Skills

Diana combines her skills to enable you to make a great first impression. She works on your physiology and mindset, assisting you to present yourself at your best in all situations.

What do you experience from Presentation Skills?

Did you know that more than half your presentation's impact is determined by posture, gestures and eye contact, and about one third by vocal inflection; less than 10% by the actual words used?

In your Presentation Skills session you will learn how to present yourself with natural poise and balance. By understanding the effects of body language and how your physiology can influence your thinking, you can develop a relaxed, aligned posture and confident stance and create a more positive impact in your presentations or in situations where you wish to make a great first impression.

Why learn Presentation Skills

  • To make a great first impression
  • To explore presence, and how to develop it
  • To give a polished performance
  • To increase your confidence
  • To learn how to enhance the use of your voice
  • To learn habits that will increase the impact of your presentations
  • To present yourself more confidently in all situations
  • To improve your posture to create a greater impact

How do sessions work?

Sessions involve hands on bodywork and coaching. The sessions will be individually tailored for individuals and groups.

The Benefits

You will gain a greater sense of confidence. You will have developed positive ways of thinking and attitudes that will enhance your presence and presentation style. You will appear more relaxed and aligned. You will experience how improved posture enhances the quality of your voice. In this fast moving world you are called upon to interact and present yourself to a great many people and new situation, and have very little time to make an impact - the tools you will learn will enable you to do this. You will be able to make a confident and positive impression in all situations.